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  • Transport and Forwarding of import and local cargo.
  • Clearance of vehicle imports for Kenya and Neighboring countries.
  • Arrangement and monitoring of transport and deliveries for all cargo.
  • Booking and shipping of cargo to and from overseas.
  • Sea / Rail transportation.
  • Import and Export documentation services.
  • Customs Clearance for general cargo.

Clearing & Forwarding

We are licensed by the Customs Service providing Clearing and Forwarding services. We can assist in the clearing and consolidation of shipping, road, rail and air cargo with speed and efficiency. We maintain strong professional affiliation with the concerned cargo service regulatory agencies and ground handling companies.

A clearing and forwarding agent normally undertakes the following activities:
(a) Receiving the goods from the factories or premises of the principal or his agents;
(b) Warehousing these goods;
(c) Receiving dispatch orders from the principal;
(d) Arranging dispatch of goods as per the directions of the principal by engaging transport on his own or through the authorized transporters of the principal;
(e) Maintaining records of the receipt and dispatch of goods and the stock available at the warehouse

Rescuetech Enterprises Limited performs clearing and forwarding operations by use of stock of academic knowledge of staffs. These operations are performed in the following customs and excise controlled point of cargo entry/borders:

Here the company handles imports from various ports of the World.

These imports are:-

• Containerized cargo (Clothes, Stationery etc)
• Bulk Cargo (Maize, Rice, Fertilizers etc)
• Vehicles (Trucks, SUVs, Sedan, etc)
• Rants, Machinery and Equipments

• Refrigerated commodities(Medicines etc).
• Fragile, Precious and Perishable goods.
• Various Cargo transported with urgency.
• Various Parcels.

In addition to the above, the company exports containerized cargo to various ports of the World. The exported cargo include: -

• Copper Blisters, Cathodes etc.
• Cobalt
• Manganese Ore
• Scrap Metal
• East African Black Wood
• Coffee


    Airfreigh Services

    Rescuetech Enterprises Limited operates as Cargo General Sales Agents for airlines and offers a full range of services on behalf of the airlines it represents. We are committed to offering cargo clients real time follow-up of cargo movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination

    Our adherence to the highest standards and performance evaluation in supplying advanced logistics solutions, reliable and measurable services and feasibly effective transportation programs enhances business opportunities for our clients.

    We provide airline representation and coordinate cargo aircraft ground handling services. These services include:

    • Aircraft off-loading
    • Aircraft on-loading
    • Cargo bulk breaking
    • Shipment tracking
    • Delivery to consignees

    Our team of experienced and well trained personnel provide seamless and quick turn-around logistics support for incoming & outbound cargo aircraft at any of the airport locations in Kenya.

    Road Transportation

    Rescuetech Enterprises Limited offers you dedicated capacity, so you never need to worry about space or lane availability. Specific trucks and drivers are at your service, when and where you need them.

    We cater for various product transportation includes long-haul deliveries, plant shuttles and local market deliveries.

    We can provide

    Trucks and Vans, Truck mover attached trailers, Low bed trailers, Flat high bed trailers, Semi low bed trailers


    Sea Freight Services

    As independent freight forwarders we negotiate with shipping companies to obtain the best rates and options for moving their FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments around the world.

    We ship a large volume of general cargo, and have ongoing partnerships with many businesses for their sea freight needs. 

    For private clients who want a reliable service, we can transport goods such as personal effects, cars and specialised items.


    Storage & Warehousing

    The company offers Warehouse services for small consignments, containerized and un-containerized cargo. With our strategically located airports and warehouses and all inbound and outbound clients' cargo are fully secured and protected from adverse weather elements or whilst awaiting pick-up by the shipment consignees.

    The company offers Warehouse services for small consignments, containerized and un-containerized cargo.


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Services Overview

We are licensed by the Customs Service providing Clearing and Forwarding services in Kenya. We can assist with the below listed services and solutions.

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